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What is the number Cyber Security "Hack"?

If you have a Firewall, Antivirus and your looking where your efforts should go on increasing your corporate Security look no future than Phishing! 37% the highest concentrations of security breaks are now from Phishing.

Who is hacking/Phishing More than anyone now? it is no longer governments or "Script Kiddies" it is Organized Crime.

Financial losses from cybercrime exceed the total losses incurred from the global trade of all illegal drugs. Hence, it comes as no surprise that individuals and organizations operating on the web live in fear of potential hacking scenarios and data breaches. Aside from financial losses, such forms of cyber attacks can lead to reputation damage as well. Consumer data, when compromised, can subject businesses to strict regulations and costly settlements.

Half of these cyberattacks are targeting small businesses that usually don’t have sufficient cybersecurity measures to protect themselves from such threats. Based on a 2020 survey, the most common cyber attacks experienced by US companies are phishing (38%), network intrusion (32%), inadvertent disclosure (12%), stolen/lost device or records (8%), and system misconfiguration (5%)

How can you help stop Phishing? well be side a good Email filter like Proofpoint, you also need a good Webfilter and more than anything you need an ongoing mandator training program for everyone that accesses your corporate systems, Contractors, Vendors, and Employees , as well as anyone else that access the system.

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