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Was anyone aware the day the cold war started?

George Orwell in 1945, shortly after Victory in Europe that ended world war 2 in Europe, predicted the Cold War that "officially" ran from 1947-1991.

This wasn't generally accepted until 1947, and not commonly know for years later.

Now we have entered a new Global War, What it will be called will be up to great Authors. What is this new war? will if you haven't already guessed it is a Global Cyber War. The opening shots have already been fired, and just like the start of world war 2 in the late 1930s, (yes to all those American's world war 2 did not start in 1941, that is just when the US decided to enter the fray) The Appeasement and political rebukes have already started with nothing to back them up or stop the aggressors. Just as in World War 2, the advisory has already built up their forces and have already targeted "soft" targets that won't cause a great deal of backlash.

As the saying going "fail to learn from history your domed to repeat it" We as a world have clearly failed to learn from past global wars and are in a path to repeat it in our life times. Will it be called world war 4? I guess it will be up to the historians to say if the "cold war" was world war 3?

Get prepared for a world wide Cyber War.

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