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Tip of the Day: Never Give your ______ over the phone

There is a say never say Never.

But there are several times your should say Never. for 1 and 2 in Never say Never.

Another one is NEVER give your social security number, Credit Card Number, Drivers license, bank account, or any other Critical information out EVER to someone that calls YOU.

If "your bank" calls and ask for something. Hang up. Go to thier website look up thier number and call them back. DO NOT CALL back a number that someone that CALL YOU gave you!

another just as important if not more

Never give your password to someone over the phone. If someone calls you and asks for your password while saying they are from the Help Desk or Tech Support team, it is most likely an attacker attempting to gain access to your account.

These sound like common sense right? Well con-artist are GOOD if they weren't there wouldn't be any con-artists. just make it a Solid and Fast Rule to NEVER do this.

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