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Setting Up Office 365 For A Small Business With 25 Users Or Less

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Setting Up Office 365 For A Small Business With 25 Users Or Less

When you want to use Microsoft Office as part of your business plan and daily workflow, you should have it set up with a business account. Microsoft has a range of products that can be used for business within the Office 365 framework, but you also need someone to help you build the program the right way. You need accounts that all your employees can use, and you will need IT consulting as you use this platform in your office or a virtual setting. Continue reading to learn how Office can become the backbone of what your company does. Why Do You Want To Use Office 365? You want to use Office 365 because it is a simple platform with all the tools you need. You can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and anything else that makes sense for your company. Your business needs to have access to all these programs because that makes it easier for you to get work done. A company that tries to buy one program at a time will spend too much money. Plus, those programs will not integrate with one another. With the Microsoft platform, you can use all the programs together, they are set up the same way, and you can log into them with the same accounts. You even get email so that your team has special email addresses. You should make sure that you have an IT consulting expert on-hand to help set up the platform because there are a few things you will need to do to make your office a better place to work. Why Do You Need Email? When you have a dedicated email platform, it is much easier for you to communicate as a business. For the most part, you need all the people on your team to have a similar email address that was created within the Microsoft platform. This means that your virtual office uses the website as a suffix. You can get email addresses with as a signature that is easy to recognize. You also have the opportunity to add as many of these addresses as you like. This means that your team can grow at any time, and you can easily add new accounts when required. You have access to all the people on the team just by typing their names, and you can quickly build distribution lists. Why Is Teams So Important? Microsoft Teams is a great way for companies to meet and work. The Teams app is found in Office, and it can be used to connect to voice or video calls at any time. You can manage a virtual office that has people all over the world, but you can all meet together in one place. You can place calls at any time during the day, and you are not using some other program that requires its own support. Your team only has so much time to get work done during the day, and that is why you need an integrated platform that is made by one company. This also means that you can get the support you need from one place because the team that sets it all up for you can troubleshoot. This makes it easier to avoid work stoppages, and you do not need to handle any IT problems for your employees.

Why Do You Need Word? Most documents are made with Word or PDF format. You can paste a PDF into Word, or you can convert documents into Word to make them easy to manage. You can create the documents at any time, and they can be edited by anyone on the team because everyone is using Word. You can also use Word to create reports, import pictures, and import spreadsheets from Excel. You can save everything in OneDrive, and anyone with access can easily edit or review these documents. Why Do You Need Excel? You can use the Excel spreadsheet program to manage all your accounting and reports. You can easily set up the spreadsheet to do any calculations you need. You can use the spreadsheet to send assignments to your staff, and you can use these spreadsheets to track your progress on a project. You will save the documents to OneDrive, and you can easily access them or have someone review them. What Is OneDrive? OneDrive is a document storage and sharing platform that was created by Microsoft to allow you to save documents in one place that will make it all easy to access. You will have a OneDrive account with each email address, and everyone on your staff can store their items in that space. When you receive a document from someone else, they can give you permission to edit these documents. This makes it much easier for you to documents, and you do not need to search for the documents in your email. There is no need to search for faxes that came through days ago, and you do not need to print anything if you do not want to. OneDrive is your personal collection of work documents, and you can easily transfer those files to any location you want. Why Do You Need PowerPoint? You can do much more with Office than what has been mentioned above, and you should make sure that you have a way to build presentations. These presentations can be made in PowerPoint, and the slideshows will be shown to your clients in impressive fashion. You can collaborate, and you can make changes as need. Your virtual team can work together from long distances instead of working in the same room all day. Conclusion Contact an IT expert who can help you set up your Microsoft Office experience. You can use 365 to get all the tools you need, but you need an IT expert who will explain how to troubleshoot or manage these programs. You can build a small company with all the email addresses and storage you need. At the same time, you do not need to buy multiple pieces of software that will not work together.

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