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Get your Team Fired Up on Social Engineering

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Let’s talk security awareness programs. How often are you educating your organization on the risks behind a social engineering attack? Do you feel like you’re reaching out too often? Too little? It’s a delicate balance, as you likely already know. Whether your security awareness program offers robust teaching methodologies, or if your program needs a bit of an oomph, the newest toolkit release from SANS Security Awareness works to supplement a way reach and engage end users in your security awareness program.

Meet the Social Engineering Fire Up Kit. Serving as a touch point to engage and energize learners on the topic of social engineering, it reiterates the notion that it takes everyone to participate to help eradicate human risk at your organization. You can be the office super hero by implanting this at your organization. Designed to briefly touch on a new social engineering topic once a week over a three-week span, this kit allows you to create and put a campaign into action that can stand alone or serve to supplement your security awareness program strategy. 

The weekly topics include a range of materials to drive each topic in visual, auditory, hands-on ways, making retention for the user much easier as it addresses core topics:

  • Social Engineering – What is it?

  • Email and Phishing

  • Securing Mobile Devices

After downloading the kit, you will receive a comprehensive file that outlines recommendations on how to prepare for and organize the campaign, including a communication template you can use to notify your organization that the campaign is on its way. Each week will include various bite-sized materials that are utilized in our very own EndUser Training Suite, which will help learners retain the social engineering topic at hand. Each topic might include a combination of engagement materials, designed to benefit the security awareness officer and the learners, including:

  • Infosheets

  • Audio-casts

  • Micro-videos

  • Factsheets

  • Articles

  • Email communication templates

  • And more

Through these expert-driven materials, our various teaching methodologies ensure the right security awareness behaviors are taught while maintaining learner engagement.

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