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Elected vs Appointed world Bodies

I hear this almost daily... "We don't want the UN" or "We don't want the WTC" or "we don't want ...." because they are not elected.

To all those people, the Supreme court of the United States is NOT elected. Most Government oversight boards including those in the US house and US Senate are NOT Elected. The United States is a REBUPLIC, most countries on Earth are REBULICS not Direct Democracies.

That means you get to elect your representative and they government on your behalf. You don't like what they do vote them out of office. Everyone seems perfectly fine with this when it comes to committees with in the US. But when this SAME model is applied on a global scale it is NO! they aren't elected. Yes they are Elected just as much as any person on any committed or federal court.

What more, yes there is more. For all those that want UN committees "elected"... Think about this.

there are 7 BILLION People on early that is 7,000,000,000. So you want them "ELECTED" ok lets presume you can get 100% of the people in the United states to Vote the SAME WAY, which we know you can't. So the United States vote is 5%.... of the Populate. Who is going to win? Probably NOT the person you want to.

Ok you don't like Direct Democracy now. So lets go back to the US Senate Model every country gets 2 votes. OK there are 200+ Countries on earth. the US gets 2 votes, so that is even worse you drop from 5% to 0.5% of the vote.

So To all those that Hate the UN and International Organizations, What is your solution? You don't like the current World system, You hate Direct Democracy, You don't want a Republic? Are you asking for a world Dictatorship? Or world anarchy ?

If you haven't read your history we have tried both, they didn't work out to well. Dictatorships? Will Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, King George, I'm sure you could fine more

Anarchy? we tried that as well from 1918 to 1939 it resulted in world war 2. the United States didn't want to be part of the League of nations, and it failed.

The UN established in 1945 may not be perfect but it has worked better than every other solution attempted by Humans to rule Earth. YOU stop trying to destroy the UN, and Come up with a Way to improve it that YOU as only 5% of the VOTE on earth can get at least 46% of the rest of the Earth to Agree to!

Why is this on a Security Blog? Because with out the UN there is only one way to win a Cyber war, and that is to FIGHT IT. We all know how wars go, Everyone Losses for the Duration of the War. and then There is a "winner" and a "loser" at then end. with Decades of clean up to be done.

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