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Cyber Security for Small Business

We will just keep this to a Short easy list.

  1. Update your software AT LEAST Weekly (it is automatic, just enable it)

  2. buy antivirus software it is cheap. set it to update daily, and scan at times you don't use the computer (daily)

  3. Encrypt your Device, if you "feel" this slows your computer down, get a solid state drive.

  4. Use Multifactor authentication NOT just a username and password!

  5. NEVER GIVE Anyone your Multifactor codes! EVER!

  6. Use uniquie Passwords for EVERYTHING!

  7. You don't have to remember them, Use a Password Manager like Last Pass

  8. Change username/password on everything when you purchase them, Nothing should have the default username/password, think Routers, Printers, wireless, Security Cameras, any electronics you buy change the password, if it has wifi, network connection, or make a connection to something else, YES it has a password

  9. Don't use open WIFI, Turn on Security WPA2, set a secure password, don't give it to everyone that comes to your business. If you want your clients/guest to use wifi, get a second device set it up as open and keep customers and business equipment separate. Wifi Routers are as cheap as $20 on amazon. Of a little more $100 router and $9 a month you can even adverse on your Wifi! (Contact us if you want to know more about advertising on your wifi

  10. Train your staff, You don't have to write it, there are plenty of free security classes, 1 hour of time to save your business, not a bad investment.

  11. Have a PLAN. What if you get hacked, what if someone makes a mistake and deletes everything? Get a BACKUP DAILY!

  12. Cyber Security is not all about CYBER. Physical Security is step 1 in Cyber security.

  13. Secure your store, if someone Steals you computer, your only hope is you PROPERLY Encrypted and protected your computer.

If you need help implementing this there are many FREE resources on the internet to guide you on your way.

If you need paid help to this, ensure your hire a Cyber Security EXPERT, and not an IT Guy you know or a friend knows. All IT People are NOT Equal, Word of Mouth is NOT your friend when it comes to Cyber Security. That IT VP at that Fortune 500 company you know will lead you down the wrong path, as His/Her Company has already been hacked, most likely several times.

Read more at Woods LLP

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