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Amazon a new Security Risk and your paying for it.

Do you have a Device from Amazon? If you do in just a few days (June 8th 2021) Amazon is going to start giving anyone passing by your house/work Access to your wifi on your Dime.

It is Called "amazon sidewalk" And here is how to disable Amazon Sidwalk

What is Amazon Side walk?

from Amazon: the PROs

"Amazon Sidewalk is a shared network that helps devices work better. Operated by Amazon at no charge to customers, Sidewalk can help simplify new device setup, extend the low-bandwidth working range of devices to help find pets or valuables with Tile trackers, and help devices stay online even if they are outside the range of their home wifi. In the future, Sidewalk will support a range of experiences from using Sidewalk-enabled devices, such as smart security and lighting and diagnostics for appliances and tools."

The Cons: well anyone can get on your home/work network.

The Cost to you: up to 25GB per Device Per month. If you have DataCaps that is coming out of your pocket, not amazon's.

Read more at Woods LLP

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